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Gas Grills

Shopping for a new gas grill often involves checking out your local hardware shop or big-box home improvement store. Most of us have bought barbecue grills this way at some point! But after purchasing that shiny new gas BBQ grill, you may have ended up replacing parts fairly early and often, or even replacing the entire grill. At The Outdoor Store we believe that when you buy a grill, it’s a big investment that should be reliable for years to come. Purchasing online is easier than ever and The Outdoor Store ships most items for free, right to your door!

The Outdoor Store carries the top brands of natural gas or propane grills, including brands like Fire Magic, AOG, Evo, Alfresco, Lynx, Bull, TEC, Artisan and more.

Barbecue grills and smokers are the centerpiece to any outdoor kitchen or backyard patio. The Outdoor Store offers a wide selection and top brands of BBQ Grills and smokers. Whether you’re looking for a built-in and freestanding grills, charcoal grills, barbecue smokers, wood fired pizza ovens, kamado grills and more at competitive prices. We also have many flat top grills, gas griddles, wood fire grills, portable grills and many other bbq grill options to choose from.

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  • Built-In Gas Grills

    Built-In Gas Grills (82)

  • Freestanding Gas Grills

    Freestanding Gas Grills (67)

  • Lynx Professional Napoli Pizza Oven

    Lynx Professional Napoli Pizza Oven – Built-In / Counter Top – LPZA



  • Le Griddle 30-Inch Gas Griddle

    Le Griddle 30″ Built-In/Table Top Gas Griddle – GFE75



  • Lynx Sedona L600 36-Inch Built-In Grill

    Lynx Sedona 36″ Built-In Grill – L600



  • Evo Affinity 30G Drop-In Flat-Top Gas Grill

    Evo Affinity 30G Built-In Flat-Top Gas Grill – 10-0055



  • Lynx Asado 30-Inch Flat Top Grill

    Lynx Asado 30″ Built-In Flat Top Grill – L30AG



  • Everdure Furnace Gas Grill

    Everdure Furnace Gas Grill – HBG3



  • DCS Series 7 36-Inch Grill

    DCS Series 7 36″ Grill – BH1-36R



  • RCS Premier Series 32-Inch Natural Gas Grill Plus Lighting Package

    RCS Premier Series 32-Inch Built-In Propane Gas Grill with Lighting Package – RJC32AL-LP



  • Lynx Sedona L500 30-Inch Built-In Grill

    Lynx Sedona 30″ Built-In Grill – L500



  • Artisan American Eagle 32-Inch Grill

    Artisan American Eagle 32″ Built-In Grill – AAEP-32



  • Artisan American Eagle 36-Inch Grill

    Artisan American Eagle 36″ Built-In Grill – AAEP-36



  • Artisan Professional 32-Inch Freestanding Grill

    Artisan Professional 32″ Freestanding Grill – ARTP-32C



  • Le Griddle 41-Inch Gas Griddle

    Le Griddle 41″ Built-In/Table Top Gas Griddle – GFE105



  • Lynx Professional 42-Inch Grill

    Lynx Professional 42″ Built-In Grill – L42



  • RCS Premier Series 26-Inch Propane Gas Grill

    RCS Premier Series 26-Inch Built-In Propane Gas Grill – RJC26A-LP



  • Artisan Professional 32-Inch Grill

    Artisan Professional 32″ Built-In Grill – ARTP-32



  • TEC Sterling Patio FR 44-Inch Infrared Grill

    TEC Sterling Patio FR 44-Inch Built-In Infrared Grill



  • Evo Professional 30-Inch Wheeled Cart Flat-Top Grill

    Evo Professional 30″ Wheeled Cart Flat-Top Grill – 10-0002



  • Alfa Brio Freestanding Gas Pizza Oven – FXBRIO-GROA-U + BF-BRIO-NER



  • DCS Series-7 48-Inch Deluxe Freestanding Grill

    DCS Series 7 48″ Grill On-Cart with Side Burners – BH1-48RS + CAD1-48



  • DCS Series 7 Griddle and Side Burner

    DCS Series 7 Griddle and Side Burner – BFGC-30BGD



  • Alfa Stone Oven Large

    Alfa Stone Oven Large Gas Pizza Oven – FXSTONE-L



  • Artisan American Eagle 26-Inch Grill

    Artisan American Eagle 26″ Grill – AAEP-26



  • Le Griddle Wee Griddle

    Le Griddle Wee Griddle – GFE40