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Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen Storage

Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen Storage offers all the luxury of modern amenities while keeping the spirit of what makes outdoor living exceptional. Specialists in the area of outdoor cooking and professional grill, outdoor kitchen and island design, Alfresco Grills have crafted their grills and accessories with this functionality in mind. The Alfresco grills feature all the luxury of modern amenities while keeping the spirit of what makes outdoor living exceptional. Crafted of high grade 304 stainless steel and other features like infrared sear zones, you will soon see why this brand boasts. The Outdoor Store has the largest selection of Alfresco Grills online and our specialists are eager to assist you in finding the right components for your kitchen. Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen Storage units are proudly made in the USA, and you can rest easy knowing they are backed by an outstanding lifetime warranty.

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  • Alfresco 30-Inch Electric Warming Drawer

    Alfresco 30″ Electric Warming Drawer – AXEWD-30



  • Alfresco 30-Inch Sealed Dry Pantry

    Alfresco 30″ Sealed Dry Pantry – AXEDSP-30



  • Alfresco 36-Inch Double Access Doors

    Alfresco 36″ Double Access Doors – AXE-36



  • Alfresco 17-Inch Access Door

    Alfresco 17″ Access Door – AXE-17



  • Alfresco 17-Inch Triple Access Drawer

    Alfresco 17″ Triple Access Drawer – AXE-3DR-SC



  • Alfresco 15-Inch Trash Center

    Alfresco 15″ Trash Center – AXE-TC-SC



  • Alfresco Versa Power Drawer

    Alfresco 30″ Versa Power Accessory Drawer – AXE-30DR-SC



  • Alfresco 36-Inch Sealed Dry Pantry

    Alfresco 36″ Sealed Dry Pantry – AXEDSP-36L



  • Alfresco 32-Inch Door and Triple Drawer Combo

    Alfresco 32″ Door & Triple Drawer Combo – AXE-DDC



  • Alfresco 17-Inch Double Access Drawer

    Alfresco 17″ Double Access Drawer – AXE-2DR-SC



  • Alfresco 23-Inch Left-Hinged Vertical Single Access Door

    Alfresco 23″ Access Door – AXE-23



  • Alfresco 42-Inch Double Access Doors

    Alfresco 42″ Double Access Doors – AXE-42



  • Alfresco 42-Inch Sealed Dry Pantry

    Alfresco 42″ Sealed Dry Pantry – AXEDSP-42