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Athena Fireglass and Stones

Mined and crafted from the highest-grade quality glass found within Mount Olympus, comes Athena Fireglass and Stones. Their team has searched the tallest peaks of Greece to bring you the most stunning, highly reflective glass available in the marketplace today. Athena Fireglass and Stones are the only glass on the market that has the touch and shine of Zeus’s thunder. Come experience Athena’s products and see why their glass is the only fire glass chosen by the Gods to captivate their guests, and provide the ultimate out of this world experience.

Add a touch of color, style and texture to your fire feature with Athena’s high grade, reflective fireglass. The mirrored finish and radiant heat of our ½’ glass will surely astonish any guest gathered around your feature. Our premium Athena fireglass is available in 6 vivid colors to fit your style, capture light, and radiate beauty that rivals Pandora, herself. Because we use only the highest quality tempered glass, it won’t melt or produce harmful fumes and soot. Also, great for concealment, the reflective nature of our glass looks stunning even without a flame. Available in 10lb quantities to ensure the proper increments to adequately fill any fire feature.

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