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Goldens Cast Iron Cookers

Cooking with Goldens Cast Iron offers advantages over alternative kamado grills such as increased durability and less moving parts. Additionally, cast iron’s radiant and thermal properties provide even heating and precise temperature control. Whether you’re looking to grill, smoke, sear or bake; this is the last outdoor cast iron kamado you’ll ever buy for generations to come. With Goldens Cast Iron,you can bake, sear, smoke, grill and one of our favorite ways to grill, ‘Low & Slow’ bbq on your Goldens’ Cast Iron Kamado Cooker! There is no other kamado style cooker that can compare to the performance of a Goldens’ Cooker.

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  • Goldens 20.5-Inch Table Cart Kamado

    Goldens 20.5″ Kamado Cooker with Table Cart – 13525



  • Goldens 20.5-Inch Handle Cart Kamado

    Goldens 20.5″ Kamado Cooker with Handle Cart – 13546



  • Goldens 14-Inch Kamado

    Goldens 14″ Lil Brother Mini Kamado Cooker – 13607



  • Goldens 20.5-Inch Kamado

    Goldens 20.5″ Stand-Alone Kamado Cooker – 13505