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Lynx Grills Side Burners

Lynx Grills, Lynx Grills Side Burners and outdoor kitchen products embrace fine craftsmanship, and the company is proud of its highly trained employees who have developed their skills over many years of employment with Lynx Grills. Since its launch, Lynx has set the standard for design, innovation and engineering excellence, introducing proprietary technologies and custom features to ensure consumers have the ultimate Lynx experience. Whether entertaining outdoors or in, Lynx Grills Side Burners are the perfect accompaniment to the year-round enjoyment of exciting new flavors and classic cuisine. Impressive in beauty and function, the oven can easily be built into your outdoor kitchen or placed on a countertop or freestanding cart.

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  • Lynx Double Side Burner

    Lynx Built-In Double Side Burner – LSB2-2



  • Lynx Professional Power Burner

    Lynx Professional Built-In Power Burner – LPB



  • Lynx Professional Single Side Burner

    Lynx Professional Built-In Single Side Burner – LSB1-3



  • Lynx Sedona Single Side Burner

    Lynx Sedona Built-In Single Side Burner – LSB501



  • Lynx Sedona Double Side Burner

    Lynx Sedona Built-In Double Side Burner – LSB502



  • Lynx Double Side Burner Plus Prep Center

    Lynx Double Side Burner – Built-In Side By Side With Prep Center LSB2PC-1



  • Lynx Professional Cart Mount Double Side Burner

    Lynx Professional Cart Mounted Double Side Burner – LCB2-3