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TEC Infrared Grills

For over 40 years they have researched, developed and perfected applications of infra-red radiant energy. Perhaps their greatest invention was the infra-red gas grill. Today, no other grill provides a better, more flavorful taste than a TEC Grills Infra-red.

No one has dedicated more time and effort to radiant energy research and development than Thermal Engineering Corporation. They invented a unique high-efficiency, long-lasting ceramic infra-red burner, and introduced it in 1961. Since then, they have built an impressive portfolio of innovations in applied heat transfer. More than thirty issued or pending U.S. and foreign patents, as well as a variety of cutting-edge products stand as testimony to their innovation. This focused dedication is how Thermal Engineering Corporation — TEC Grills came to be known as The Infra-Red Experts.