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Bromic Eclipse Smart-Heat 3300W Portable Electric Heater – BH0820001




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Bromic Eclipse Smart-Heat 3300W Portable Electric Heater

Extend the boundaries of inside space by including the outdoors. The Bromic Eclipse Smart-Heat 3300W Electric Heater offers a minimalist take on patio heating, with just the features you need to provide warmth while maintaining an entry-level price point. The Ceramic element is composed of ceramic housing a thick steel coil that emits a soft amber glow along with high amounts of heat. The mirror-finish parabolic specular reflector ensures that all of the heat produced is directed where you want it, and not lost to the surrounding ceiling and sky. An adjustable bracket lets you direct the heater precisely. The external body of the heater is made entirely of premium double-coated steel, which is weather and corrosion-resistant. The optional wireless controls allow you to turn it on and off or dim it remotely. The 3300W Series covers approximately 144² Feet.

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Key Features

  • Patented performance
  • Premium double-coated steel construction
  • Compatible with smart wireless technology
  • Thick Ceramic heating element with steel coil emits high heat and a soft glow
  • Accurately adjust the heat output (0/33/66/100%) for complete control over the level of comfort

Product Information

Model Number: BH0820001

Manufacturer’s Website: Bromic Heating

Additional information

Weight30 lbs


Fuel Type


Item Type

Patio Heater


Bromic Heating



Price Range

$3000 – $3999


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