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Drawing inspiration from the worlds of international fashion and state-of-the-art technology, Sovaro embodies sleek, elegant aesthetics and thoughtful, intuitive design. Our products raises the bar with unique, innovative, and purposeful products built for wherever life takes you. From versatile coolers to tasteful tumblers and elegant bar ware, our products are designed to accentuate every unforgettable experience. Whether you’re caffeinating your morning commute or embarking on a weekend getaway, Sovaro stands for serious style plus an unparalleled suite of features. Our line of luxury products sets the standard in form and functionality, and our brand stands committed to exceeding expectations at every occasion.

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Sovaro Best Sellers

  • Sovaro Black Backpack Cooler

    Sovaro Backpack Cooler – Black – SVRSSCBKBD



  • Sovaro Stainless Steel Luxury Tumbler

    Sovaro 20oz. Luxury Tumbler – Stainless Steel – SVRTMB-D



  • Sovaro Black Luxury Tumbler

    Sovaro 20 Oz. Luxury Tumbler – Black – SVRTMB-B



  • Sovaro White Beverage Bottle

    Sovaro 18oz. Beverage Bottle – White – SVRH2O-WD



  • Sovaro Black Beverage Bottle

    Sovaro 25oz. Beverage Bottle – Black – SVRH2O-BD



  • Sovaro 22 Inch Blue Soft-Sided Cooler

    Sovaro 22 Inch Soft-Sided Cooler – Blue – SVRSSC22BLD